How Does Technology Affect Shopping?

How Does Technology Affect Shopping?

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Why buy clothing online ? This is a question asked by many individuals, both men and women, while they look around the globe today. Today's economic climate is difficult and many people have discovered themselves depending on budgets they have set aside for emergencies. To ensure these families have enough money for food, housing, utilities and everyday expenses, many households have turned to saving money on clothing as a way of meeting their needs. The internet has provided consumers with a wide variety of options when trying to find affordable clothes for kids and young adults.

Data were gathered through an internet questionnaire, resulting in a full sample of 504 returned answers. The info showed that overall intended usage had a quite strong negative impact on buyers' intention to buy clothing online , but no direct link between perceived convenience and shopping intent was revealed. Surprisingly though, price was found to be a strong factor when it comes to perceived utility. Like, when a participant stated he or she needed fifty dollars worth of clothes for spring/summer, an average of seven dollars was deducted from their budget for that month because of the price of clothing. The results of this finding reveal that not just was price a powerful motivator for purchasing, but there is also a negative effect on budgeting brought on by the high cost of the items.

In terms of why and how people were using the internet in order to cut costs and save time, many participants stated that social media was a huge area of the answer. The fact it had been very easy to publish information regarding current events, upcoming events and family activities helped people save time and make purchases. Participants also cited the usage of friend circles being an influence with regards to the purchase decision process. An individual might post about how precisely great his / her friend's kids look and the subsequent conversation was spent discussing clothing and opinions on buying clothes for children. This example is one which clearly displays how social media may use real-world examples to drive people to create decisions about items they otherwise may not need considered.

From an employee's perspective, an organization should strive to enhance the shopping experience. Employees need to comprehend that they're expected to look no matter whether or not they're purchasing anything. Employees should also know the benefits of improved technology by explaining the perceived simple using certain systems and how the savings is likely to be realized. Lastly, it is very important to boost communication between employees and customers. The more info available the higher the shopping experience.

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